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Semiological Analysis of the Use of Mythology in Print Advertisements


nalan kantar
Halic University (Turkey)

GKA VISUAL 2021:     7th International Conference on Visual Culture

semiology mythology culture consumption advertising

The Greek word “Mythos” means story. Myths are sacred stories. It emerged in order to understand the creation of the world, the unexplained order of nature, the adventures of gods and heroes. Myth is a language that includes many metaphors in ancient societies. The mythical stories of modern society have taken a different place in the consciousness of society. The visual and emotional characters of mythologies are the means used for the transmission of fairy tales. Advertising benefits from the implication of myth. Using mythology as a means of advertising is undergoing the use of imagination that exists in societies. The cultural elements of the advertisement and the relationship with myths are closely related to the phenomenon of consumer society. In the consumer society, consumption is also done on behalf of symbolic values such as difference in need, belonging to a group, acquiring an identity and acquiring an image. The product or service has become the totem of the target audience. Values such as properties, body beauty, power, divinity, independence, heroism, productivity and sexuality seen in universal myths constitute a system for consumption tools. Regardless of the target audience, the myth, product or service used in advertisements allows the person to have the opportunity to express himself indirectly. The aim of this study is using semiological method of Roland Barthes to analyze all the sign systems in its subject, to comprehend the relationships of the indicators in that sign system and to try to classify the areas of use in social life. In this context, not only visual indicators but also natural languages that enable human societies to communicate with each other enter the field of study of semiology.